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About the Englund Marine Group

The Englund Marine Group has served and helped marine enthusiasts for over 69 years and is looking forward to serving the marine and industrial community for many years to come. Whether you're a commercial fisherman who needs cable repair, a sport fisherman who just needs some hooks, or anywhere in-between, we provide the technical and problem solving skills that are a necessity to get you up and running. From Northern California to Washington, we are there to supply you with all your marine supply needs with stores up and down the north west coast.

_Englund Marine & Industrial

Our retail group consists of seven Englund Marine & Industrial stores and one commercial raft certification facility who serve local businesses as well as sport and commercial fisherman in small towns along the Washington, Oregon and California coasts. At our Astoria location we also offer a wide variety of industrial tools and supplies that easily cross over to customers who come in looking for fishing supplies.

_Marine Wholesale

Marine Wholesale is located in Phoenix, AZ and serves the southwest United States including Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Marine Wholesale takes orders for Wholesale Only. So if your shop is in need of an excellent distributor with the "know how" to set up your store, and get your customers what they need, you've found the right place to go.

_U.S. Distributing

U.S. Distributing extends Englund Marine's knowledge and expertise to Portland, OR. U.S. Distributing is a top quality distributor that knows what it takes to help you get your shop stocked with what your customers need. We sell Wholesale Only so if you're a dealer, come and see how we can help you.

In 2007 U.S. Distributing opens a satellite warehouse in Missoula, MT focused on aftermarket parts & accessories. It also brought quality marine parts via one day shipping to Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

_Our History

“Quality merchandise and great service.”

Axel Englund gave his community just that, and this was the belief that Englund Marine was born with on July 22, 1944. His 50’ by 50’ store in Astoria, OR later expanded up and down the west coast, becoming a preferred and trusted name amongst commercial fishermen. The first expansion came to Ilwaco, WA in 1966; followed by Westport in 1975. A few years later Englund Marine opened a store in Charleston, OR and then bought Crescent Marine in Crescent City, CA.

With the slowing economy in 1983, Englund Marine had a great opportunity to move into another branch of the marine business. U.S. Distributing was purchased out of Portland, which quickly became a great asset. In 1988 Englund Marine was in Newport, OR. Then bought SeaCoast out of Portland and joined it with U.S. Distributing in 1994. SeaCoast specialized with the industrial boats and expanded our capabilities even further. One year later Englund Marine expanded their “great service” attitude to Phoenix, AZ where they had an opportunity for another distributor warehouse; Marine Wholesale was born. Our last store opened in Eureka, CA in 1995, serving the folks in Northern California better than ever. In 2001 we acquired Fischer Brothers, a 100 year old supply house and landmark in Astoria, OR, expanding our industrial product line and putting more salesmen on the road. Faced with the need for an updated facility, we moved into our new 40,000 square foot building located at the Port of Astoria in February 2006. Finally, in 2007 U.S. Distributing opened a warehouse in Missoula, MT to meet the need for quality products with fast delivery in the Rocky Mountain West.

Almost 70 years later, Englund Marine has grown its service rapidly, and is still growing. We have a full service raft shop to keep crews safe and up to date, and two stores have full rigging shops. It is all still based on the same belief of, “Quality merchandise and great service.” This is all possible from the dedication of our people. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about our business. You will get advice from experts in your field. We are here to help you and to solve your marine problems, since 1944.