Tying the knot can be a hard thing to do. But you don't have to be nervous, we have gathered simple to follow directions for tying different types of knots. Each tutorial provides clear tying illustrations and a brief description of the knots application. They are great for beginners looking for easy direction, and knot-tying pros looking for something new to try. We have also included a website dedicated to any kind of knot you can think of, from basic slip knots to life-saving search and rescue knots.

Rope Knots

Anchor Bend


Bowline on a bight

Buntline Hitch

Carrick Bend

Clove Hitch

Constrictor Knot

Cow Hitch

Double Fisherman

Figure Eight Loop

Mooring Hitch

Rolling Hitch

Round Turn


Square Knot

Surgeon's Knot

Tautline Hitch

Timber Hitch

Trucker's Hitch


Fishing Knots

Clinch Knot

Dropper Loop

Hangman's Knot

Loop Knot

Palomar Knot

Scaffold Knot