OR Groundfish/Bottomfish Regulations

Oregon Rockfish Regulations & Information

Offshore Midwater Fishery

The Offshore Midwater Fishery is a new fishing opportunity to target midwater rockfish, outside of the 40 fathom regulatory line and with longleader gear only. The gear required consists of a fishing line and tackle configuration with a minimum of 30 feet of line between the terminal weight (sinker) and the lowest hook, and a non-compressible float affixed above the top hook. Lures must be less than 5 in length, and bait is prohibited. Read more about the Offshore Midwater Fishery: ODFW Offshore Midwater Fishery Information

Englund Marine offers a complete kit, the Pescaro Deep Down Dropper, to comply with the new 2018 Offshore Midwater Fishery requirements. These kits are available in store only. Learn more about how it works: Deep Down Dropper Kit Information

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Descending Devices

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, descending devices are mandatory. Any vessel fishing for, or possessing, bottomfish (groundfish) in the ocean must have a functional descending device onboard, and the device must be used when releasing any rockfish outside of 30 fathoms. A functional descending device is one that is ready to be used.

The Shelton Fish Descender is an inverted, barbless hook that is inserted into the fish's lower lip and when the fish is descended to the correct depth, released with a sharp jerk on the line. It aids in recompressing the air bladder of fish suffering from barotrauma by descending the fish to a depth greater than 30' to allow the water pressure to re-compress the air bladder.

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The Fish Grip is a jaw clamp that provides a secure and humane grip when handling or landing a fish. It can be rigged with a rubber band and a hand line to manually release when a fish is descended to the correct depth.

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The SeaQualizer is a jaw clamp that is designed to release automatically at a pre-specified depth. It has three depth setting (50'/100'/150') to choose from in order to release the fish at the correct depth. This clamp does not require any tugging to release, and allows for multiple SeaQualizers to be attached to a single line.

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The RokLees Fish Descender is a jaw clamp with rubber tabs that prevent additional injury to the fish being released at depth. Attach the device to fishing line and weight, then to the fish's jaw. Once the weight has brought the fish to depth (at least 1/3 as deep as capture), jerk the line to release the fish. Weight not included.

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