Storm Prep

Englund Marine & Industrial Supply has what you need before, during and after a storm.

Our crew has compiled this list of products to help keep you and yours safe on and off the water, in fair weather and foul Shop in advance online, or come into one of our seven Englund Marine locations for a huge selection of first aid kits, flashlights, foul weather gear, heaters and more.

Our commitment to you is to keep our doors open, even if the power goes down.

Along with gear and advice, we strive to help you save money on the things you may need! If we have products on sale in a section, click on the "Save with Monthly Specials" button to see what you can save on in store and online. You can also find all the Monthly Specials by clicking here.

Pre-Storm Prep

Don't forget to secure valuable items that may be damaged in a wind storm and protect your property in the event of heavy rain, burst pipe or minor flooding. It is also recommended to have extra fuel and water on hand in case access to fuel and water is blocked.

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Cargo Straps
Fuel & Water
Fuel Transfer Pumps

General Pump
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Secure Your Boat

Protect your boat from strong winds and damaging waves. Lean more about securing your boat for a wind event or hurricane.

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Anchor & Dock Line
Buoys & Fenders
Bilge Pumps

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Lights, Heat & Power

When the power goes out, turn on the generator, light up the flashlights and stay warm with a portable propane heater. Having these basics on hand will make riding out an overnight storm comfortable for you, your family and your pets.

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Propane Heaters
Propane & Fuel

LED FLashlights
Jump Starters
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Monthly Specials


Make sure you have enough dry and warm clothing to bundle up in! Remember to pre-treat new outer layers and/or refresh your existing foul weather gear to keep them waterproofed and ready to go.

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Rain Gear
Comm Rain Gear

Boot Dryers
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Safety & First Aid

In the event of a major storm, make sure you have the first aid supplies to treat minor injuries and emergencies. Tip: To be extra prepared, contact your local community college, continuing education center or hospital for first aid/CPR classes in your area.

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First Aid Kit
Fire Ext.


Stay up to date and connected with weather alerts and handheld radios. Weather alert radios and most hand held VHF radios have NOAA Wather Channels to alert you to changes in weather conditions, even when the power is out.

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Weather Tools
Weather Radios
HH Radios
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Post Storm Clean Up

When the storm passes, the clean up begins! Clear debris, dry out damp rooms and stay safe.

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Mops & Brooms

Cable Pullers
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Educating yourself and your family on what to do when the storm hits can save lives. Below are helpful resources on preparing for different types of Pacific Northwest storms, information on creating emergency kits and how to plan for your 4-legged friends.

PNW Storms:

Prepping Emergency Kits:

Animal Safety:

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