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Murff's Claminators are stainless steel clam guns designed and manufactured by Englund Marine's own Dale Murff. They are built rugged for every day use from stainless steel and are ideal for clam enthusiasts digging Pacific Northwest razor and gapper clams. These guns consist of a 5" barrel for digging into the sand and a handle for pulling the sand up and releasing it. The T-shaped handle is 10-1/4" wide to accomodate hands both large and small. The design includes a vent tube with a valve for the most efficient digging and a vent hole with a rubber grommet to protect the users' hands.

Size Chart (Click to expand):
  • 28" - For Kids as young as 8 years old
  • 28" with Foot Pegs - "Lil' Desperado" - Perfect for kids needing an extra advantage to get the gun dug into the sand deep
  • 33" - For clammers between 5' and 5'-5"
  • 35" - For clammers between 5'-6" and 5'-10"
  • 37" - For clammers 5'-11" and above

Item Description Available ? / Hover Price UM Ord Qty
shipping-surcharge-2 CLG-CLAM28 CLAMINATOR SS CLAM GUN 28" 4 $164.95 / EA
shipping-surcharge-2 CLG-CLAM28P CLAMINATOR SS CLAM GUN 28" PEGS 3 $164.95 / EA
shipping-surcharge-2 CLG-CLAM33 CLAMINATOR SS CLAM GUN 33" 30 $164.95 / EA
shipping-surcharge-2 CLG-CLAM35 CLAMINATOR SS CLAM GUN 35" 13 $164.95 / EA
shipping-surcharge-2 CLG-CLAM37 CLAMINATOR SS CLAM GUN 37" 12 $164.95 / EA