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Gear Wrench Rechargeable Work Lights are dual setting flexible ultra-thin worklights for directing light into hard-to-reach places. They are designed to offer constant current so that even when the battery runs low, the light does not dim. When there are five minutes of power remaining, the main light flashes a warning. It is charged using a USB cable that connects to a durable jack plug. Once it is charged, the indicator light changes from red to green. The light is designed with a flex-head that folds against the body for storage and portability, a magnet in the base for easy positioning, and a hanging hook in the base. These worklights also feature a top light in the end of the flex-head, and are developed with a memory function that saves the last setting used and goes to that setting immediately when turned on again.

Specifications (Click to expand):
Item RunTime Lumens ChargeTime Dimensions Open(Folded)
KDT83134 3 hrs Hi6 hrs Lo 150 - Hi75 - Lo30 - Top Light 2-3 hrs 8.375"x1.5"x1"(4.4"x1.5"x1")
KDT83135 3 hrs Hi6 hrs Lo 500 - Hi250 - Lo30 - Top Light 4-5 hrs 12.5"x1.9"x1.6"(6.5"x2.0"x1.6")

Item Description Available ? / Hover Price UM Ord Qty
harzardous-itemno-shipping KDT83134 FLEX HEAD RECHARGEABLE LIGHT 8" 1 $59.95 / EA
harzardous-itemNA-Finalno-shipping KDT83135 FLEX HEAD RECHARGBLE LIGHT 12.5" 0 $100.95 / EA