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Kitetail Lures are kite-shaped flasher lures that are lightweight, adjustable and drag-free. They are constructed of single-piece molded plastic with 3 holes on the back to adjust the roll and tail action. They are ideal for salt and freshwater fish and work best under troll speeds of 1.5-2.5 knots. Ideal for commercial trolling applications.

Item Description Available ? / Hover Price UM Ord Qty
closeout-item-icon-v2 KTL125 KITETAIL LURE BL SLVR TAPE (CO) 3 $7.95 / EA
closeout-item-icon-v2 KTL130 KITETAIL LURE BLUE/GOLD (CO) 3 $7.95 / EA
closeout-item-icon-v2 KTL132 KITETAIL LURE GREEN/GOLD (CO) 4 $7.95 / EA
closeout-item-icon-v2 KTL133 KITETAIL LURE RED/GOLD (CO) 3 $7.95 / EA
closeout-item-icon-v2 KTL135 KITETAIL LURE CHART/GLOW (CO) 3 $7.95 / EA
closeout-item-icon-v2 KTL134 KITETAIL LUREGREEN/GLOW (CO) 2 $7.95 / EA