Englund Marine | PROCHIP 11 FLASHERS




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Pro-Troll Fishing ProChip 11 Flashers are designed to stimulate predatory instincts in game fish to increase strikes. They feature a diagonal fin for superior rotation, diagonal agitator for erratic action and a Pro-Troll EChip that gives off a small electronic pulse with each kick of the flasher for additional attraction. The underside is embossed in silver and the top has glow tape in various colors. The ProChip 11 is ideal for fishing salmon in the Columbia River. Ideal for commercial trolling applications.

Item Description Available ? / Hover Price UM Ord Qty
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-106 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN GLOW/CHART 61 $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-700 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN CHROME SCALE 100 + $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-710 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN UV PLAID 65 $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-712 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN UV PLAID PURPL 2 $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-714 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN UV PLAID RED 13 $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-715 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN UV PLAID GREEN 70 $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-795 PROCHIP 11 W/FIN UV DBL CHARGE 45 $12.00 / EA
monthly-special-icon-v2 PTL-PC11-797 PROCHIP 11 WFIN UV CHR DBL CHRG 49 $12.00 / EA