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Englund Marine & Industrial Supply has what you need for bottom fishing!

Whether you are fishing for lingcod, canary rockfish, sea bass or another of the many species of bottom fish, Englund Marine has the gear and information you need all in one place. Spend less time searching for what you need and more time out on the water!

Regulations & Licensing

Before you head out, make sure you know what you need to legally bottom fish in the state you are in. We've gathered the important information in one place so you can easily access it. Disclaimer: The following information is based off of the rules at the time of writing, regulations are subject to change. While we do our best to keep fully up to date, the license holder is ultimately responsible for being aware of any changes to the rules and regulations.

Updated 2/15/23

General Information:
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Licensing Info:

Online Resources:

Washington Information (Click to expand):

Licensing Info:

Online Resources:

California Information (Click to expand):

Get Set Up With The Gear You Need

Our expert store staff reccomends these tested and approved products for bottom fishing. While each region is different, we feel confident these items are the best we carry online and in-store. Check in with your local Englund store for additional local tips on bait and leader weight! If you fish in California, you must use the California Approved weights.

Razor Clamming

If you are looking for a good rod and reel combo to start with, our crew reccomends either the Pescaro & Penn Halibut Rod & Reel Combo or the Penn Warfare Star Drag Combo. For a more customizable option, Englund Marine offers a wide range of mix-and-match rods and reels for your specific needs. Stop in your local Englund Marine store and our crew will be happy to help you pick the right rod and reel for you, as well as answer any questions you may have on bottom fishing!

Don't forget to check out our Bottom Fish Rigging tutorials! We demonstrate some popular set ups that have been given the stamp of approval from our staff experts as well as the guides and fishermen who trust us to provide the best gear!

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